Best bike shops for online orders

best bike shop

There are a lot of different bike shops but the best bike shops offer international shipping with a great value. These places really invite you to buy somewhere else that your local store. Free shipping is a great way to get international customers and that is what they do. Cheaper prices with a free shipping is a good combination.

Best Bike shops for ordering outside EU

That helps a lot considering that you probably do not know how the delivery and customs etc work for big and expensive items like bikes. Some bike shops offer the customs declaration for free so it is included with the price. Often they will tell you how much it will cost and they can add that to the price so you do not have to do it yourself. This is only for orders from EU based store to outside EU because there are no customs inside European Union.

Best bike shops in EU for ordering outside EU are the ones that will have a lot of customers. That makes sense because the best way to get returning customers is to have a great service, and good prices for sure! Maybe the biggest ones in EU are Chain reaction cycles and Wiggle. Usually their prices are quite competitive and deliveries are not too expensive.

Best Bike shops for ordering inside EU

If the bike shop has international delivery option you should find the delivery prices quite easily. Like in Evans Cycles or Cyclestore there are country based rates and you can find them from delivery info pages.

Merlin Cycles does it a little differently as they will tell you the delivery costs based on your delivery address you insert to the shopping cart. It is a good method but would help some customers to make the decision to buy if the shipping prices are shown before ordering.

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