Best Christmas Gift ideas for cyclist


Christmas is just around the corner and the difficult task is just ahead: trying to figure out what to buy for Christmas present. If your parent(s), spouse or child is a cyclist there are some options that might be great to have! And the best thing is: the cycling season is not on at the moment so there are a lot of discounts everywhere. You can also find good Christmas gift ideas just by browsing the cycling stores and their discounts.

First thing to figure out is what kind of a cyclist the present receiver is. If that is not possible there are still a lot of possibilities to choose from that fit to all cyclists like clothing, protection gear, tools, and other accessories. But let's focus on different kind of bikes and gear for different riders. Main categories are of course MTB a.k.a mountain bikes, road bikes and city bikes or hybrids.

We recommend on buying from Evans, Merlin and Cyclestore. They have a great selection of items and competitive prices.

Christmas gift ideas for Mountain biker

Mountain bikes are used in the rough terrain, so there are all kinds of protective gear to consider having. Usually the rider just uses helmet if he/she is not a true enthusiast going fast everywhere. The most popular protective gear after helmet is knee guards. So if the helmet is not in great condition anymore it might be a great idea to buy a new one. Knee guards are a great gift because they are not even that expensive: you can find them from 30-150 euro price range.

If you know a little bit more about the bike you could buy some new parts to the bike too. There are a lot of different components that wear out in use. Or if you know that the whole bike is at the end of it’s path it would be a superb gift to buy a new one. New bike is a bigger investment but it definitely will bring a smile to receivers face. It is a good idea to dig up some information about the old bike so it will be the same size and type.

Christmas gift ideas for Road biker

Road cyclists use lighter outfits and less protective gear than MTB riders. Also the terrain is usually – as the name reveals – smooth road. Even though it is much safer to ride a bike on the road there is one major danger: cars. Especially in winter time visibility is the most important thing for road bike riders. This is why a set of quality lights is a great gift to give as a present. There are some cheap ones and expensive ones but the main thing is that the rider has lights that can be seen and with them can also see the road. 

Here are some other good ideas to consider:

  • Spare innertube + tyre changing tool
  • Good and safe lock
  • A quality pump
  • Other tools that would be needed

Also here applies this: best gift is a new bike if the old one is not at its best.

Christmas gift ideas for City biker

City bikes are usually used for commuting from home to work or other nearby places. This is why the bike should have a basket or other carrying unit for some groceries etc. Also some tools can be handy like a pump, wrench to level the saddle, cleaning kit and so on.

If you would like to give a better gift you could consider buying a high quality Brooks saddle that will last long and look great! If he/she already owns a Brooks saddle you can get some accessories like a saddle bag.

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