Beginner’s guide

If you are here to order your first proper bicycle you might need to consider other aspects too. Keep in mind that bicycle is not everything you need to start a hobby. You have to pay attention on what is included in the package and most importantly what kind of bike is suitable for your needs. More information about cycling and cycling related stuff can be found here. In this article you will find a short guide about buying bike online.

Firstly if you are buying a new bike, you need to know the size of the bike that is fit for you. You can find size guide here.

What to order

Depending on which store you are ordering, there might be tools included on the package for finishing the bike. Most of the shops deliver the bikes at about 80% built. The reason for this is to make package smaller and delivering the item cheaper. In most cases cranks, pedals, handlebars and wheels are not installed. Easiest way is to order multi tool with the bike to be sure. Often these parts are easy to install and have standard fastening heads.

While you are at it it’s useful to order some inner tubes or repair kit for the future. These spare parts are not that expensive and are life savers on the situations where you don’t have time to go shopping, and with them tire changing tools. It is possible to change tire with bare hands but in some cases it might be exhausting.

Next step is to find out what kind of valves your bikes inner tubes have so that you can buy a proper pump for the occasion. Basic pump can only fit on one specific valve but if you invest on a better pump it should include several head types for valves. Most common are Schrader and Presta. If your new bike has Presta valves, that are designed to withstand high pressures, it might be overwhelming to use handheld pump. We recommend buying track / floor pump.

We also warmly recommend on buying helmet. It’s one of the cheapest ways to stay alive in case of accident happens. There is some cool looking helmets on the market so it’s not a shame and after all your brains are more important than your hairstyle.