Electric bikes

Electric bikes, or E-bikes in short, are bikes have an electric motor that assists pedaling. This assistance is at its best when cycling uphill. Even on a flat road it helps a lot because pedaling can be steady and the speed can be controlled with a control panel. The best thing in electric bikes is that the pedaling speed can be maintained without any extra effort.

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Electric Bikes Price

The battery technology is progressing fast and it is great news for electric bikes. Battery capacity will grow and the size will decrease. The electric parts are still quite expensive and this can be seen in the price tag of a bike. The cheapest bikes do not have a high quality parts and batteries which means that the cycling time can be a lot shorter compared to better ones.

A great entry level bike can be found for around 1000 euros. This price will give you a possibility to choose between a variety of bike types like mountain bikes, city bikes, hybrids and folding bikes.

Electric Bike – Batteries

A good battery will last long and work in all kind of temperatures. Lasting long means that it can be used for several years and the charge will be enough for your needs. The cheapest ones can be done within one year. It is important that the battery always has some power in it because it will be useless if the power runs out completely. After that it cannot be recharged.

There are different kind of battery technologies used in E-bikes. Most common is a Lithium-ion battery which is used in almost all bikes. The reason is that they last long and they have a great power-weight ratio.

The battery can be placed anywhere on a bike but the most common place is a mount in a frame or on a rear carrier. It should be easily removed from the bike to charge it.

Size of a Electric Bike

You can use the same size charts that the normal versions of that desired bike type has. City and hybrid bikes might be the most common types of e-bikes:

Cyclist's height cmFrame cm

Electric Bike Selection

The e-bike scene is still growing fast and this is great news for all bikers seeking for one. There are a wide selection of electric versions for every bike type. Prices are still pretty high but this might change in future when the technology has reached its standard form.

There are some restrictions in battery shipping from abroad and that means that some online stores will not sell electric bikes abroad. Also electric bikes are heavier than their mechanical brothers and sisters so that can be seen in bigger shipping costs.