Sale Bike Buying Guide

Finding A Good Sale Bike

Usually sale bikes are the last ones in stock, so you should do your decision fast. There might be others seeking for the same bike and that is why you do not have days to think and compare different stores.

Stores want to get rid of the bikes when the stock is low and maybe a new model is coming to replace the old one. And of course  the best way to get rid of the bikes is to reduce the price.

Why the price is so low?

Bikes take a lot of space in the warehouse if you compare to smaller bike parts for example. The manufacturers update their models regularly and stores want to have up to date models in their stock. The cheaper price usually just means that they are not going to sell more of those bikes and there is no reason to keep only couple of bikes in stock. So it does not have anything to do with quality if you think about it.

The sale percentage increases when the stock quantity gets low. This happens because it starts to get harder and harder to sell bikes with only couple of different sizes left. If the store has all the sizes left it has more potential customers but when they only have one size it decreases the amount of potential customers.

So you could think that the bike on sale has been a popular bike if they only have couple of bikes left. That is the case in most of the sale bikes. But there are some bikes that nobody wants and that forces the store to decrease the price. If the price is not right the bike does not sell. It can be seen if the sale bike is in 40% discount but there are all the sizes still in stock.  Only exception is that the store has some kind of campaign running with the brand.

So if you already know the brand you should look for their sale bikes here.

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