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Welcome to our new site!

Salecyclist was born for the need to find the best places to order bikes online. But why to stop there? That is why we decided to list all the discounts they have to offer. There are some big brands like Trek, Specialized and Cube that can be found from every online store. The basic retail price is usually the same in all of the stores so there is no need to list same bikes 10 times in here. But everybody loves discounts! And the discount prices are up to stores person in charge of pricing. This is where the prices are not the same anymore.

We have been working with the retailers for many years now in our Finnish site There has been several versions of that site and the latest one has been working great. For that reason we wanted to offer the same platform for everybody in English. We will add new bikes in the site every day automatically, so the freshness of the deals is as good as it can get.

We hope that you will enjoy the site and it can help you find the bike you are searching for!

Enjoy your browsing!


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